High-Quality Vehicle Trackers in Barnsley, Sheffield, South and West Yorkshire

Here at Vehicle Security & Electrical (VSE), we understand that your car is your pride and joy. For this reason, we can install the latest vehicle tracking systems available within the UK, enabling peace of mind no matter your car’s make or model. Our specialists can discuss the unique features provided by these vehicle trackers so that you can choose the right product for you. Based in Rotherham, VSE works closely with motorists and transport companies in Barnsley, Sheffield, South and West Yorkshire.

Our decade of experience makes us the preferred choice for vehicle trackers in the local area, and we can extend our service further afield for large commercial projects. From the insurance-approved Scorpion Cat 5 with driver recognition tags to the Clifford Connect 6 tracker, our products are both affordable and renowned for quality.

The vehicle tracking systems available include:

• The Scorpion ST50 Cat 6 tracker
• The Scorpion ST55 Cat 5 tracker
• The Clifford Connect 6 Cat6 tracker

• The Smartrack Utrack tracker
• The Smartrack Protector Pro Global Cat 6
• Fleet tracking from the Quartix rental unit


Because VSE works to deliver a tailored solution, we can offer installation and subscription options as well as an installation-only service, courtesy of our mobile fitting team.

Vehicle Trackers | Increase Security with Vehicle Tracking Systems

Trackers are rising in popularity due to their cost-effective nature, ease of use and quick installation process. Whether you drive a Ford Fiesta, Rolls Royce or BMW, our vehicle trackers deliver a wide range of benefits. These include:

Discreet Placement – If your vehicle is stolen, the tracker will provide a clear picture of its location. By placing these small trackers away from prying eyes, it’s unlikely a thief will realise it exists before the police arrive.

24/7 Security – Vehicle trackers can follow a car or van no matter its location. Whether it’s parked in Barnsley, Sheffield or anywhere in the UK, this advanced technology will detect your car’s movements 24-hours a day.

Support for Handheld Devices – Modern tracking technology can sync with your home computer, tablet or mobile device. This allows you to check the location of your vehicle, whether you’re at home, work or away for the weekend.

Fast Recovery – Without tracking software, it may be hours before an owner realises their car is gone. Our vehicle tracking systems deliver up-to-date information, enabling the police to recover your car or van quickly as possible.

Insurance Premiums – Vehicle trackers increase security and naturally affect your insurance premiums. Considered important for the insurance of classic, sports and prestige cars, our trackers may save you money in the longer term.

Vehicle Security & Electrical will be thrilled to install cutting-edge tracking products in your vehicle. We serve the areas of Barnsley and Sheffield and extend our reach across the regions of West and South Yorkshire.

For vehicle trackers in Barnsley, Sheffield, South and West Yorkshire, please contact us at VSE. We install vehicle tracking systems at a competitive rate.