Steelmate basic rear parking assist with surface mount sensors



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Parking may not be everyone’s strong point, so if you like your car the shape it is, Parking sensors are a must.

These Steelmate sensors are some of the best on the market, and to back that up, these basic sensors have an amazing 3-year manufacturer warranty!

These sensors are designed to fit through the bumper and sit on the outside skin.

The kit also comes with a special cutter designed to cut the bumper making a nice clean, neat cut.

The kit comes with a great sounding, buzzer, it’s not a high pitched beep, like on more basic sensors but a nice, computer, audio tone (if that makes sense) so once fitted to your car, no one will know they are aftermarket.

These sensors are designed to fit on the rear of the car and will come on when you put the car in reverse and ignore tow bars, nudge bars or spare wheels.

The sensors come in 25 standard colours but can also be colour coded to match your car’s paint. This is done by the supplier for the best finish possible, we do not paint the sensors ourselves, some things are best left to the professionals.

The bumper does not have to be removed to fit these sensors, however, it is recommended so you do not hit the crash bar and all cables can be run neat and tidy.

Fitting is also available please contact us for more information.


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Matt Black, Colour Matched, Gloss Black, White, Standard Colour (Numbered)