Sigma S34 Cat 2 to 1 Alarm


These are great units, a nice, simple to use alarm which uses the vehicles factory immobiliser system to take the factory cat2 (immobiliser only) to an all bells and whistles cat1 system.

This unit offers:

  • 2 x single button radio keys
  • Perimeter protection circuit for boot and bonnet
  • Closed-loop protection circuit
  • Ignition detection circuit
  • Ultrasonic interior protection
  • Central door locking, configurable for most, if not all vehicles.
  • Two stage unlock
  • boot release
  • Manual arm, using the radio key
  • Auto re-arm I if a door is not opened within 60 seconds (programmable)
  • Key theft protection feature (optional keypad required)
  • Last trigger identification
  • Fully expandable with other sensors including warn away (please see alarm accessories for options)
  • Armed output
  • Additional Siren/Pager output
  • Manual comfort closure
  • Secure data linked, self-powered siren

This unit is a Thatcham Cat2 to 1 insurance approved alarm, however, unless this is fitted by an approved fitter, no insurance certificate can be issued

Two-year manufacturer warranty


Installed at your location, Installed in our workshop, Product only