Dual stage shock sensor


Do you have an aftermarket alarm?

Are you buying one and want all the bells and whistles?

This simple to install dual-stage shock sensor is a great addition to any aftermarket alarm.

It will simply plug into most aftermarket alarms such as Clifford, Toad and Sigma and will trigger the alarm if an impact is detected. This can be anything such as a car hitting your vehicle in a busy car park, vandalism, or somebody trying to break into, or tow your vehicle away.


So why is it called a dual-stage shock sensor?

Well, this is quite simple, this shock sensor has 2, channels, one for full trigger (sets the alarm off) and one for warn away, where some alarms will give a warning beep to let people know they are too close and your vehicle is alarmed. (this feature may need programming on some alarms)

Can you use this on an alarm which does not have a dual-zone port?

Yes you can, well as a single stage shock sensor anyway. To do this you will need to cut the wiring, supply the sensor with a 12v fused supply and earth and then you simply join the full trigger wire onto a door, boot or bonnet input.