Clifford Blackjax5 anti hijack immobiliser


If you like your car and want to keep it, Blackjax is a must.

This is unlike any other immobiliser on the market, this system allows the vehicle to be taken. “well that’s a pants immobiliser isn’t it?” you may ask, well, no.

One way criminals are taking high-value vehicles is to break into your house at night using force to get your keys. Now how mad do you think they will be if your car will not start because of an immobiliser.

Blackjax allows the vehicle to be started and driven away. After about 20-40 seconds of driving blackjax kicks in and starts flashing the brake lights and chirping the siren. 30 seconds after that the siren sounds and the car will stall and cut out.

The car will not restart until you enter your personal code using the valet switch.

Now, cast your mind back to those violent criminals, they are now half a mile-2miles away with a car that will not drive, knowing you’ve called the police, do you think they are likely to pop back to ask for your code?

But even when you switch blackjax off, it is still protecting you. If somebody opens a door and drags you out of the car, the system rearms itself and will kick in unless your code is entered.

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