Clifford 330x Thatcham 2 to 1 upgrade alarm



Do you want an alarm but don’t want the extra fob?

Do you just want to use your factory key?

The Clifford 330x is a Thatcham cat 2-1 upgrade alarm which reads the cars canbus signals and will arm itself when the lock button is pressed on the factory fob and disarm itself when unlock is pressed.

These alarms are really small and easy to hide within the car, but they are feature-packed and can offer:

  • Battery backup siren
  • Bonnet, boot, doors & ignition instant trigger
  • Ultrasonic interior protection
  • Clifford’s bright blue LED
  • neg out when armed, and neg out when triggered for linking with trackers and pagers

It is also extendable with a wide range of accessories such as:

  • Tilt sensor
  • Glass break sensor
  • Shock sensor
  • Single stage microwave sensor (for use with convertible cars)
  • Dual stage microwave sensor giving warn away chirps
  • anti-peel contacts

One of the most important parts of any alarm is the installation. Clifford understands this and will only supply alarms to approved installers.

This is why you will not see a supply only option on any of our Clifford products.

Fitting is available either at our workshop or onsite at your location. (home or office)

Feel free to contact us to arrange a time and location


Installed at your location, Installed in our workshop