Autowatch 457 Thatcham cat 1 alarm & immobiliser


The Autowatch 457RLi /T is a comprehensive remote alarm immobiliser security system offering maximum security and all the comfort features a customer would ever require, with ease of operation being one of its key selling features and up to 6 wireless sensors (PIR & or Reed switch).

Perfect for motorhomes, day vans or if you have to people or animals in your car when you after lock it as you can easily disable the interior sensors with the fob.

Security Features

On-board Immobilisation
Self-arming Immobiliser
Battery back-up siren
Auto Re-arm Alarm
Auto -arming Alarm
Lock/Unlock with ignition
Pager output neg out (Selectable)
Negative Output when armed (Selectable)
Ignition Anti-Hotwire
Indicator / Park-light Flashing
Door Open audible warning
Anti-tamper Security Housing
Remote Panic Alarm Facility
Output for GSP/GSM Tracking system

Convenience Features

Central locking output (Neg Neg)
Boot release
Silent Arm / Silent Disarm (Selectable)
False-alarm Nuisance Prevention
Alarm trigger Diagnostics
Rapid-test mode for installer
Courtesy light illumination

User Interface

Encrypted Remote Control -4 Button
Pin Code Override
Perimeter (Door, Boot & Bonnet)
Early Warning Sensor input
Ultrasonic Movement Sensor
Microwave Movement Sensor (option)
2 Zone Wireless Sensor Facility


Installed at your location, Installed in our workshop, Product only