Anti peel and steal door contacts for after market alarm systems


If you own a van then you must have heard about how easy it is to break into your van without even opening a door.

One of the most common ways hard-working tradespeople are having their livelihoods stolen from them is by what has been dubbed “peel and steel” attacks on vans.

This is where the tops of the doors are pulled down giving easy access to your hard-earned tools, and your van will never know it has been opened.


What can you do to help prevent this from happening to you?

If you have an aftermarket alarm system fitted then you need to fit these contacts.

These contacts are designed to go in the top corners of the van’s doors and are a simple but robust magnetic contact switch which can be wired into an aftermarket alarms door trigger wire and earth, meaning if the door is forced open at the top, the alarm will know that the door has been opened and will sound the alarm.


These contacts can be fitted onto ANY analogue, and most digital aftermarket alarm systems sold after about 1970.

Some vans are easier than others to fit these contacts to, and you may have to fabricate a little bracket for them to sit on. This is because these are designed to be screwed into the rubber door seals, and due to different designs in van doors, some are easier than others. It is always recommended to temporarily fix the contacts to the rubbers first for testing before committing to screws.