4 door remote central locking upgrade kit 3


If you have a car without central locking, this is a great starting point.

This kit will allow 2 doors to lock and unlock together by turning the driver’s door key or can be easily upgraded to any aftermarket alarm or remote central locking kit.

This kit comprises of:

  • 2x Four button remote fobs
  • 2x master motors
  • 2x slave motors
  • control box
  • wiring
  • 4x brackets
  • 4x rods
  • rod clamps

These kits offer more features than our basic remote central locking unit.

This kit also offers:

  • Boot release
  • Siren output
  • LED status indicator
  • Power window output
  • Car finder
  • Indicator flashes for lock and unlock
  • Immobiliser relay output
  • Foot brake (locks the doors when the brakes are pressed

This kit is designed to work with rod-based locking systems, some cars such as ford’s, Hyundai i10

work with cable’s this kit will not work with those cars.


Installed at your location, Installed in our workshop, Product only