Scorpion SA10 Remote central locking upgrade kit



Does your car have central locking?

Have the buttons on the key broken, or does your car only have central locking by putting the key in the door?

If you want to upgrade your central locking, look no further.

  • Supplied with 2 x two button radio keys
  • Pin override system
  • Central door locking, configurable for most, if not all vehicles.
  • boot release (neg out)
  • Total closure output, 10 or 20 second pulse, or headlight flasher output(relay & diodes required
  • Indicator flash on lock and unlock
  • Car finder (indicator flash)
  • Status LED
  • Single immobiliser cut (if needed)
  • Pager or siren out (neg out when ignition on)
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

There are some cars that can be harder than others to retrofit remote central locking too. One that jumps to mind is the Hyundai i10, without central locking on the key.

Some cars may need extra components such as relays, resistors or motors.

We would advise that you do some research or contact us before ordering and we can advise

If your car does not have central locking, don’t worry, you can still add it.

You will require our 2 or 4 door motor kit, then you can add this and make your car remote central locking.


Installed at your location, Installed in our workshop, Product only