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    Scorpion ST55 insurance approved S5 tracker with Driver recognition tags


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    Scorpion trackers, the sting in the backsides of car thieve!...

    Smartrack Utrack Tracker


    Scorpion trackers, the sting in the backsides of car thieve!

    The scorpionST55 is an insurance approved S5 tracking system, with rechargeable driver recognition tags.

    ScorpionTrack stolen vehicle tracker actively protects your vehicle against unauthorised movement using GPS technology, movement detection sensors and driver recognition system. For example: if the vehicle is towed or lifted onto a low-loader, or if the vehicle is stolen with the keys, key cloning or by relay theft.

    ScorpionTrack is able to provide, speed, direction, ignition state, battery condition and location details to the Police control room in the event of a theft. Subject to environmental variables, ScorpionTrack is accurate to within 10 meters.

    This information is gained using the very latest in the UK designed and manufactured electronics along with the already proven GPS tracking and multi-network GSM technologies.

    Scorpions 100% web-based application can be accessed online 24-7 from any location. This means no software downloads/installation and a proven track record for reliability.

    With their mobile Apps ScorpionTrack has full support for handheld tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and Android. This means you no longer need to be tied to your desk to keep up with the latest from the field. Access to real-time information allows you to instantly locate and track vehicles from anywhere, at any time. In the event of your vehicle being stolen the ScorpionTrack stolen vehicle tracking operator will liaise with the police for the recovery of your vehicle.*

    Suitable for all 12 or 24-volt vehicles.

    Upon unauthorized movement detection ScorpionTrack will discretely notify our international control centre of a possible theft.

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    The SmarTrack 5+ with D-ID has been tested to the...

    Smartrack S5+ with D-iD with remote immobilisation


    The SmarTrack 5+ with D-ID has been tested to the Thatcham S5 standard. The device operates using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS and GSM technology. Having an internal battery back-up, the device has the ability to remain operational even when the vehicle’s power supply is removed. The device monitors the battery voltage level, ignition status and detects if the Driver Identification system has been activated.

    The system will disarm when any authorised mobile device is within the vehicle and the D-ID app is active. If the authorised device is not present in the vehicle when it is moved, our intelligent technology will recognise which active mode is set on the D-ID app to determine how you are contacted in order to ensure the security of the vehicle.

    • Thatcham Category S5 Security Certified TSC093 (SmarTrack S5+ D-iD™)
    • IP67 Waterproof Device
    • Driver Identification System through your mobile device (D-iD™) .
    • Secure Full Fleet Online Account to View Present and Historical Locations Of Your Vehicle
    • Free Global Telemetrics App To View Current Vehicle Location
    • Monitored 24 hours a day by the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre
    • Battery Disconnection and Low Battery Level Alerts
    • Movement Alerts (If the vehicle is moved without the D-iD™ active and within the vehicle)
    • Immobilisation Feature – activated upon Police request only
    • Optional Alarm Sounding Alert (Please speak with us before installation)
    • Fully Transferable (Terms and Conditions apply)
    • Direct Debit Option Available For Subscriptions (Minimum 12 month contract)
    • 3 Year Warranty (extendable to 12 years*)

    Please speak to us regarding addional:

    Annual UK & European Subscription £159 per year inc VAT.
    Duration payment subscription £499 inc VAT.
    Direct Debit monthly payment from £13.49 inc VAT.

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    Smartrack S5 D-iD


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    Smarttrack Protector Pro Global – Thatcham Category 6 Car Tracker


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    Clifford Connect 6 – A Thatcham category 6 tracker


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    Scorpion ST50 insurance approved Cat 6 tracker


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