Fleet Tracking in Sheffield, Barnsley, South and West Yorkshire

Specialising in vehicle tracking systems, our team assists private car owners and transport companies with a variety of security needs. Here at Vehicle Security & Electrical (VSE), we offer tailored packages of the highest quality and come fully equipped to perform a fast installation service. We are the trusted choice for fleet tracking in the areas of South and West Yorkshire, enabling busy clients to operate using the most advanced technology available.

As a Rotherham-based team serving Barnsley and Sheffield, VSE supplies everything from vehicle immobilisers to alarms and deadlocks. We also provide witness cameras, cruise control systems and split charge systems to name a few, with a customised service to suit your budget and needs.

The team at VSE offers the following benefits to commercial clients:

• Fleet tracking systems to follow your vehicles in real-time
• A free fitting service for all fleet trackers purchased
• Alarm systems, speed limiters and warning systems
• Internal lighting, external floodlights and beacons

• Witness cameras, split charge systems and more
• Vehicle tracking systems at a competitive price
• Information and guidance from trained personnel

Our vehicle security company blends exceptional fitting work with friendly customer service. Although we primarily serve Barnsley, Sheffield and the surrounding areas, we also work with commercial clients across the UK for projects of a larger scale.


Fleet Tracking | Transform Your Business at an Affordable Cost

Vehicle tracking systems can help transport and haulage companies to manage workloads, increase efficiency and may even improve driver behaviour. If you wish to experience these benefits first-hand, please get in touch to arrange for free tracking installation from a member of our team.

Better Safety and Security

Fleet tracking enables you to see the location of your vehicles at any time of day, seven days a week. If a thief steals one of your vehicles, the police will be able to track it sooner rather than later – giving you peace of mind and saving time after a theft. This will likely reduce insurance costs too, making the process highly cost-effective in the longer term.

Vehicle tracking systems are known to improve behaviour on the road. With the knowledge that their position and driving style is fully monitored, your workforce will take fewer risks and focus their efforts on the task at hand.

Increased Efficiency

Fleet tracking may improve your business model even further, enabling you to plan routes more effectively. As a management tool for a potentially large number of vehicles, tracking increases your ability to manage staff and update clients. Vehicle tracking systems allow you to control the flow of vehicles, manage tasks efficiently and resolve issues before they have a chance to escalate.

Your One-Stop Solution

VSE offers more than just fleet tracking installation work. Our specialists supply a wide variety of alarms, locks, lights, split charge systems and phone kits, and fit everything from speed limiters to left turn warning systems.

Whether you operate in Barnsley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire or across the UK, we deliver lasting solutions complete with workmanship guarantees.

To learn more about our fleet tracking services, please contact a member of VSE at your convenience. Our mobile service covers Barnsley, Sheffield and the surrounding regions.