A Secured Vehicle with Autowatch Ghost in Barnsley, Sheffield, South and West Yorkshire

Autowatch Ghost is one of the most advanced vehicle security systems available in the UK. Operating with a PIN code that’s unique to you, this immobiliser works hard to prevent hacking or key cloning. Should you lose your keys, your vehicle will remain secure until you enter the unique PIN code manually. Here at Vehicle Security & Electrical (VSE), we specialise in the supply and installation of these immobilisers to keep vehicles in Barnsley, Sheffield, West and South Yorkshire safe from thieves.

Whether you drive a Mercedes E Class, Ford Fiesta or a VW Golf, we can install the Autowatch Ghost quickly and securely.

VSE provides the following benefits and more:

• Knowledgeable advice from a trained specialist
• Autowatch Ghost II for the latest vehicle security
• Immobilising technology at a competitive price

• A full demonstration of how your device operates
• Assistance when you need to change your PIN code
• A wide range of car alarm systems and vehicle trackers

Situated in Rotherham, we at VSE assist customers across Barnsley, Sheffield, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. If you need a large number of trackers or immobilisers fitted, we can extend this reach further afield for your convenience.


Autowatch Ghost | The Premier Choice for Vehicle Protection

To enjoy complete peace of mind with unrivalled protection, look no further than the Autowatch Ghost II. This system functions using a unique PIN code known only to you. Alternatively, connect up to two smartphones via Bluetooth to disable the system within a 5-10 metre radius.

Protective and Discreet

The Autowatch Ghost operates with no lights, key fobs or radio signals to indicate its placement in your vehicle. Instead, the system is designed to remain invisible for discreet protection that stops car thieves dead in their tracks. Given the benefits this system provides, the immobiliser is surprisingly cost-effective and fast to implement. Please get in touch with a member of our team to receive a friendly, mobile fitting service.

A User-Friendly Interface

With user control via the vehicle dashboard, a servicing/valet mode and a disarm sequence based on your preference, the Autowatch Ghost blends security with convenience for astonishing results. If you forget your PIN, an emergency code can be entered for immediate control. The VSE team can discuss the benefits of Autowatch Ghost and explain how it compares to other immobilisers on the market.

Serving the areas of Barnsley, Sheffield, West and South Yorkshire, we can arrive at your home or place of business to perform a full demonstration.

In summary:

• Discreet placement with no lights or radio signals
• A secure PIN code known only to the owner
• Each system comes with an emergency code
• Connects to two smartphones for ease of use
• A convenient valet and car servicing mode
• Protection against key loss, theft and cloning

VSE installs Autowatch Ghost immobilisers for customers in Barnsley, Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Please contact our team for a professional fitting service.