Are Car Alarms Still Effective For Preventing Car Theft

Are Car Alarms Still Effective For Preventing Car Theft?

Car alarms can be noisy and obnoxious, but they can also be quite helpful to car owners in various ways. Alarms help protect your vehicle from theft by calling attention to any unusual behaviour. However, many car owners dismiss this anti-theft system due to its false alarm rates and obnoxious sound.

This article will discuss the harmful consequences of false car alarms and why car alarms are still beneficial in this day and age. Read on!

The Consequences of False Car Alarms

Many individuals feel that car alarms are no longer a reliable form of security. Due to the large number of false alarms that may be heard practically every day, most of us do not pay attention when an alarm goes off.

Unfortunately, many car owners mistakingly program their alarm systems so sensitive that it responds even to the slightest vibrations or movements. As a result, the devices go off in reaction to events that have nothing to do with a break-in attempt.

According to studies, most alarm systems are set off by would-be auto thieves just 5% of the time. Despite this, modern car alarm technologies bring much to the table, with innovations that solve many car owners’ pain points with alarm systems. The following section will discuss why car alarm systems, especially modern ones, are still beneficial to car owners.

The Advantages of Car Alarm Systems

Thieves will always select an easier target, and by installing a car alarm system, you reduce the likelihood that your vehicle will become a target. Here are some more reasons why auto alarm systems are still functional.

1. Get a Discount on Your Insurance Cost

Installing an alarm system in both newer and older model vehicles will frequently cut your auto insurance price. You will pay a cheaper rate than someone who does not have a security system installed in their vehicle. Some of the factors used by insurance companies when evaluating your overall insurance cost include safety and security.

2. A Deterrent For Car Thieves

A car thief always favours an easier target. Having a high-quality automobile alarm system installed or simply pasting a security system’s alarm logo on the auto body will dissuade burglars.

3. It Increases The Resale Value of Your Car

If you intend to resell your automobile, you must refurbish it. Other than repairing parts and repainting, it would help to install an alarm system to boost resale value. It has been discovered that customers are willing to pay more for automobiles that include an alarm system.

4.  Improved Technology

Nowadays, automobile alarm systems have mobile applications that allow you to activate and deactivate the alarm remotely. This program will provide you with a more effective control system for your vehicle’s security. A smartphone application may also provide you with a variety of additional services such as automobile tracking, remote locking system, remote start, and so on.

If your car is stolen, an alarm system with a tracking device will send you your vehicle’s location without the criminal knowing. This means that police enforcement will be able to find and reclaim your car quickly.

Some systems enable the driver to manage components of the vehicle from their phone. If it is stolen, the driver may send a signal from their phone to disable the vehicle’s operation, causing it to remain still until the police catch up.

So, Are Car Alarms Really Necessary?

The results vary depending on the business and, of course, the installation quality of the alarm system. Still, it appears that most car insurance providers believe in the usefulness of car alarms—at least enough to grant (often minor) discounts to drivers who have them. Finally, despite the availability of more complex anti-theft technologies, vehicle alarm technology has advanced significantly and is now equipped with various technologies that provide the driver more control while discouraging more advanced auto theft strategies.

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